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HRC70 carbide end mill manufacturer will show you which carbide end mill has good performance

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Release time:2022-08-02 15:50

HRC70 carbide end mill manufacturers tell you that there are many manufacturers of carbide end mills and there are many categories. For example, carbide end mills can be roughly divided into: flat end mills, round nose mills, ball end mills, etc., because the types of milling cutters Different, the performance is naturally different. So what are the properties of cemented carbide milling cutters? Which cemented carbide milling cutters have good performance? Let's take a look at the following content to find out.

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The properties of carbide milling cutters are:
1. The HRC70 carbide end mill manufacturer tells you that it has high hardness and wear resistance, that is, it is harder than the workpiece material and has strong wear resistance; the wear resistance of the milling cutter is very high, so the tool will not be worn, to extend its service life.
2. It has high enough strength and toughness to ensure that it can withstand the impact force and vibration during cutting, and prevent chipping and breaking. Because the milling cutter has to bear a very large impact during cutting, the milling cutter must be made of materials with High strength, otherwise it will break or be damaged.
3. It has high heat resistance, that is, thermal stability, and can maintain a certain hardness, wear resistance, strength and toughness at high temperatures. The HRC70 carbide end mill manufacturer tells you that because the cemented carbide milling cutter is used in cutting operations There will be a lot of heat generated, not only can it maintain high hardness at high temperature, but also can continue to perform cutting performance, and this high temperature hardness is called hot hardness or red hardness.
4. The manufacturer of HRC70 carbide end mill tells you that it has good manufacturability, such as forging, heat treatment, grinding, etc., so as to facilitate the manufacture of milling cutters.
The above is an introduction to the performance of cemented carbide milling cutters. It can be seen that the performance is very good. The HRC70 carbide end mill manufacturer tells you that if you buy carbide milling cutters, titanium alloy milling cutters, high temperature alloy milling cutters and other products, you are welcome to choose our company, the product quality is good, the after-sales service is followed up in time, and customers can rest assured.