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What to pay attention to when choosing Titanium alloy end mill

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Release time:2022-08-23 15:18

Titanium alloy end mills are mainly used for milling tools, rotary tools with one or more teeth. When it is working, each cutter tooth cooperates in sequence to cut off the working allowance. Its main purpose is to machine planes, steps, forming surfaces and grooves on a milling machine. The following editor finds the basic selection skills of Titanium alloy end mill for you, and chooses good products that are suitable for you.

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1. When choosing Titanium alloy end mill, be sure to check the alloy milling cutter body and tool holder, and be sure to pay attention to whether there is any damage or rust.
2. Whether the alloy milling cutter is to be used on a CNC machining center or an ordinary milling machine.
3. The material and hardness processed by Titanium alloy end mill, pay attention to these functional problems and be careful to be deceived.
4. Specifications of alloy milling cutters, such as: blade length, full length, blade diameter, shank diameter, etc.
If it is used on CNC machining centers, solid carbide should be used, and white steel can be used on ordinary milling machines.
White steel milling cutters are softer than carbide milling cutters. High-speed steel knives are cheap and have good toughness, but their strength is not high. When white steel is milling hard materials, the manufacturer of Titanium alloy end mill tells you that if the coolant is not in place, it is easy to burn the knife, which is one of the reasons for the low thermal hardness.