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The difference between HRC70 carbide end mill and high speed steel milling cutter

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Release time:2022-07-27 13:07

HRC70 carbide end mill is mainly made of cemented carbide round bar, mainly used in CNC tool grinder as processing equipment, and gold steel grinding wheel as processing tool.

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The HRC70 carbide end mill manufacturer tells you that it is also processed by general equipment. It is divided into spiral groove grinding machine, end tooth machine processing end tooth and end, edge cleaning machine (peripheral tooth machine) processing peripheral tooth, the demand for this product The labor cost is very high for processing according to various sections, and the quality of mass-produced products is controlled by the proficiency of the workers themselves in operating the machine, so the accuracy and consistency will be worse. .
In addition, the quality of HRC70 carbide end mill is related to the brand of the selected cemented carbide material. Generally, the appropriate alloy brand should be selected according to the material to be processed. Generally speaking, the smaller the grain size of the alloy, the better the processing.
The main difference between high-speed steel milling cutters and carbide milling cutters is that high-speed steel needs to be heat-treated to improve its hardness, while ordinary steel is soft as long as it is not heat-treated.
The coating generally has a thickness of about 3 μ on the surface of the milling cutter. The main purpose is to increase the surface hardness of the milling cutter. Some coatings can also reduce the affinity with the processed material.
In general, milling cutters cannot have both resistance and hardness, and the emergence of coating technology has solved this situation to a certain extent. High coating, so the function of the milling cutter is greatly improved.
So much is introduced about the difference between HRC70 carbide end mill and high speed steel milling cutter. If you have any other questions, please contact our company.