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Scientific maintenance of precision cutting tools in daily use

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Release time:2021-08-30 19:36

Carbide milling tool is a milling made of carbide.Understanding carbide milling tool first know what carbide is, high hardness refractory metal carbide (WC, TiC) micron grade powder as the main component, with cobalt (Co) or nickel (Ni), molybdenum (Mo) as the binder, sintering in a vacuum furnace or hydrogen reduction furnace.

The carbide milling tool is mainly used in CNC machining center, cnc carving machine.It can also be installed on the ordinary milling machine to process some more hard and uncomplicated heat treatment materials.

When the carbide milling tool core and the workpiece edge line coincide or are close to the edge line of the workpiece, the situation will be very serious, and the operator shall do the relevant equipment maintenance work:

1. checks the power and stiffness of the machine to ensure that the required milling tool diameter can be used on the tool.

2. spindle is as short as possible, reducing the impact of the milling axis and workparts position on the impact load.

3. uses the correct milling tool tooth distance suitable for the procedure to ensure that not much blade is engaged with the workpiece, on the other hand, sufficient blade and workpiece engagement when milling a narrow workpiece or milling type cavity.

4. ensures that the feed per blade is used to achieve the correct cutting effect when the chip is thick enough to reduce tool wear.A transposition blade with a positive front angle groove is used to obtain a smooth cutting effect and low power.

5. selects a milling diameter suitable for piece width.

6. uses the correct main bias angle.

7. places the milling machine correctly.

8. only uses the cutting fluid if necessary.

9. follows tool maintenance and maintenance rules and monitors tool wear.

Maintaining the carbide carbide milling tool can extend the tool service life and improve the working efficiency.