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What are the characteristics of high hardness tungsten steel milling cutter?

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Release time:2021-09-02 10:57

High hardness milling cutter is closely related to the wear resistance of cutting tools. If the wear resistance of tungsten steel milling cutter is good, the service life of the cutter will be high. Tool materials generally pursue high hardness, because the performance of the workpiece material is improving day by day. The general concept is: the hardness of the tool must be higher than the hardness of the workpiece, otherwise it cannot be cut. High hardness milling cutter is especially suitable for processing carbon steel, hard steel, pre hardened and tempered steel, stainless steel, red copper, quenching and heat treatment, etc.


The round bar of high hardness milling cutter adopts high-quality round bar. The bar grade is equivalent to 0.2u, 0.4u ultra-fine particles. It adopts advanced PLATIT coating technology and has the characteristics of good wear resistance, good lubrication, small friction coefficient and high acid resistance temperature. KHC is a brand of German cemented carbide milling cutter. KHC imported high hardness milling cutter is the crystallization of high and new technology, which has fully covered the processing requirements of different materials, different hardness and different processes. Products are widely used in aerospace, automotive industry, medical devices, communication equipment, mold industry and electronic industry.