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What is the difference between End mills for aluminum and white steel knives

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Release time:2021-11-08 17:35

In the process of CNC machining, it is often necessary to process products of different materials. The machining of products of different materials requires different tools for milling. End mills for aluminum and white steel knives are the two tools that are often used in CNC machining. Let’s talk: What is the difference between End mills for aluminum and white steel knives?

Low price End mills for aluminum on sales
End mills for aluminum are mainly made of tungsten steel, which is mainly used for cutting aluminum, and the surface finish of the product is relatively smooth; while white steel knives are mainly used for cutting products with low surface requirements. The price is quite cheap, but it is easier to wear.
There are still many types of end mills for aluminum. Generally, 3-blade end mills for aluminum are used for aluminum alloy processing. In addition to the difference in processing conditions, 2-blade ball-end knives or 4-blade flat-bottom knives are sometimes used. However, it is recommended that the 3-blade flat-bottomed end mill should be used in most cases.
1. The choice of tungsten steel milling cutter for aluminum is generally 3 blades, and the material is generally YG cemented carbide, which can reduce the chemical affinity of the tool and aluminum alloy. (General CNC tool brands have special milling cutter series products for processing aluminum alloy)
2. High-speed steel material. High-speed steel End mills for aluminum are relatively sharp and can also process aluminum alloy well.
3. Cutting parameters of milling aluminum alloy
For processing ordinary aluminum alloy, you can choose high-speed and large-feed milling. Secondly, choose a larger rake angle as much as possible to increase the chip space and reduce the phenomenon of sticking; To form small pinholes on the machined surface, generally kerosene or diesel oil can be used as the cutting fluid for machining aluminum plates. The cutting speed of end mills for aluminum is different due to the material, parameters, and processing technology of the milling cutter. The specific cutting parameters can be processed based on the cutting parameters given by the manufacturer.