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Processing range of Graphite carbide end mill products

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Release time:2022-01-25 16:10

Graphite carbide end mill is a diamond-coated milling cutter used in modern industry to process graphite, alloy non-ferrous materials, etc.

Low price HGraphite  carbide end mill
Because Graphite carbide end mill is coated with diamond, its thermal insulation performance is remarkable, and due to the superior high wear resistance of diamond, the performance of diamond-coated graphite end mill is better than that of ordinary tungsten during processing. Steel milling cutters are increased by 10-15 times. Graphite carbide end mill manufacturers tell you to save time for tool change and avoid the trouble of tool marks caused by multiple tool changes. Great cost savings.
Processing range of Graphite carbide end mill:
1. Composite material processing
2. Diamond coating
3. Carbon fiber processing
4. Glass fiber processing
5. Electrode processing
6. High silicon aluminum processing
7. Zirconium dioxide processing
8. Teeth (zirconia) processing
9. Graphite special processing, etc.
The above is the processing range of Graphite carbide end mill products, I hope to help you.