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HRC70 carbide end mill manufacturers show you how to purchase CNC milling cutters

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Release time:2022-03-16 10:34

HRC70 carbide end mill manufacturers tell you that many small companies buy CNC milling cutters by themselves, or provide the corresponding suppliers and specifications to the boss. In most cases, the engineering department only determines the processing procedure and what milling cutter to use. At this time, the corresponding specifications are proposed to the purchasing personnel for purchase. The manufacturer of HRC70 carbide end mill tells you, but because the buyer is not very familiar with this aspect, the milling cutter manufacturer does not know what milling cutter you are looking for, and cannot answer simple parameters, and do not know anything about processing. I think this is the problem that most of the knife sellers have at the moment. So how to choose a milling cutter for milling aluminum alloy? The following HRC70 carbide end mill manufacturers give some suggestions. I hope that no matter who is engaged in tool sales or purchasing milling cutters, they should take a serious look and consider this issue.

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What parameters should the milling cutter provide:
First, first confirm the basic parameters of the milling cutter: blade diameter X blade length X effective length X shank diameter X total length - the number of blades.
Second, determine what material is being processed? What is the hardness of the material being processed?
Third, it is best to provide the processing form and the equipment used. Is it flat milling or side milling or both?
Fourth, what effect should the processing achieve: such as high light, no burr, what is the Ra value?
The above is the basic purchase information that the HRC70 carbide end mill manufacturer tells you. With this information, I believe that the CNC milling cutter salesman will quickly match you with a suitable milling cutter. The HRC70 carbide end mill manufacturer tells you that this will save you money. Your time has become more efficient, why not do it.