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HRC55 end mill manufacturers take you to understand how to choose milling cutter inserts

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Release time:2022-07-05 13:58

The HRC55 end mill manufacturer tells you that a milling cutter is a rotary tool with one or more teeth for milling. When working, each cutter tooth cuts off the allowance of the workpiece intermittently in turn. Milling cutters are mainly used for machining planes, steps, grooves, forming surfaces and cutting workpieces on milling machines. So how to choose a milling cutter blade?

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Choice of milling cutter inserts:
1. For fine milling, it is better to use a ground blade. The HRC55 end mill manufacturer tells you that this insert has better dimensional accuracy, so the positioning accuracy of the cutting edge in milling is higher, and better machining accuracy and surface roughness can be obtained. In addition, the development trend of ground milling inserts for finishing is to grind out chip flutes to form large positive rake cutting edges, allowing the inserts to cut at small feeds and small depths of cut. For carbide inserts without sharp rake angles, when using small feed and small depth of cut, the tool tip will rub against the workpiece and the tool life will be short.
2. In some processing situations, it is more appropriate to use pressed blades, and sometimes it is necessary to choose ground blades. It is better to use pressed inserts for roughing, which can reduce the processing cost. The HRC55 end mill manufacturer tells you that the dimensional accuracy and edge sharpness of the pressed blade is worse than that of the ground blade, but the edge strength of the pressed blade is better, it is resistant to impact during rough machining and can withstand larger depth of cut and feed. The pressed inserts sometimes have chip grooves on the rake face, which can reduce the cutting force, and at the same time, reduce the friction with the workpiece and chips, and reduce the power demand.
3. However, the surface of the pressed blade is not as close as that of the ground blade, the dimensional accuracy is poor, and the height of each tool tip on the milling cutter body is quite different. The HRC55 end mill manufacturer tells you that because the pressed blade is cheap, it is widely used in production.
4. Grinded large rake angle inserts can be used to mill viscous materials (such as stainless steel). Through the shearing action of the sharp edge, the friction between the blade and the workpiece material is reduced, and the chips can leave the front of the blade faster.
5. As another combination, the pressed blade can be installed in the blade seat of most milling cutters, and then a ground scraper blade can be configured. The manufacturer of HRC55 end mill tells you that a scraper blade can remove rough machining marks and get better surface roughness than just a pressed blade. Furthermore, the use of a doctor blade reduces cycle time and costs. Scraping technology is an advanced technology that has been widely used in the fields of turning, grooving and drilling.