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HRC70 Small-diameter end mill manufacturers show you how to grind end mills

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Release time:2022-11-04 15:37

The manufacturer of HRC70 Small-diameter end mill tells you that the main cutting edge of the end mill is on the cylindrical surface, and the cutting edge on the end surface is the secondary edge. For motion, end mills are currently widely used in various sectors such as automobile manufacturing, logistics, molds, machinery and so on. Next, the HRC70 Small-diameter end mill manufacturer will give you an in-depth introduction to how to grind end mills?

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1. Grinding the end edge of the end mill:
Hold the shank of the milling cutter with the original tool holder R8 chuck, turn the end mill grinding attachment horizontally by 90°, pull up the limit screw, and turn the tool holder to rotate the tool holder 360 degrees to the position where the end edge can be ground. Then according to the degree of the angle of the end cutting edge, pay attention to the feed method when grinding the rear angle inclination of the end edge. The manufacturer of HRC70 Small-diameter end mill tells you to use the tool holder indexing device to rotate the tool 45 degrees after grinding. (4 blades) or 90 degrees (2 blades) to grind the other tooth;
2. Grinding the side edge of the end mill:
Replace the original tool holder worktable with the worktable of the end mill sharpening attachment, insert the R8 elastic sleeve into the tapered hole of the milling cutter attachment worktable, insert the end mill of suitable diameter into the R8 sleeve and insert it into the R8 sleeve. Fixed, so the end mill will no longer rotate, adjust the end mill to be higher than the center of the grinding wheel, and turn the tool holder table 0-40 degrees according to the degree of the side clearance angle of the milling cutter to make the attachment of the end mill The worktable is adjusted to a suitable sharpening angle, and the guide adjustable bracket on the end mill sharpening attachment is used to fix the groove needle to be close to the spiral groove of the end mill side edge for guiding and guiding, and then freely rotate directly from front to back (by Guide and guide) Push the front and rear of the handle part to sharpen the helical edge of the rear corner of the milling cutter. The HRC70 Small-diameter end mill manufacturer tells you that when the main relief angle is ground, grind the secondary relief angle, and guide the adjustable bracket The fixed groove needles are inserted into the helical grooves of the second inclination and then ground as for the first inclination.